The Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer

now named SamaParan,  programs takes you through the basics of aircraft mechanics and into the latest technology advances for the world aviation, landing gear, piston and turbine engines and other aircraft systems. learn the indicates of the intire aircraft, gaining the skills to properly and efficiently, troubleshot and repair aircraft systems for both fixed wing and rotary aircraft, the training also includes aircraft electrical systems and more  advanced aircraft electronics avionics. Graduates are prepared both the Airframe Powerplant and Avionics Certification Exam of Civil Aviation Organization. The Institution provides policies and procedures that are compliant with all titles of Iranian Civil Aviation Organization and I.C.A.O


Summary Report for

Aircraft Mechanics and Service Technicians, Diagnose , adjust , repair , or Overhaul and assemblies such as hydraulic and Pneumatic systems , includes helicopter and aircraft engine specialists Sample of reported Job titles , Aircraft maintenance Director, Aircraft Maintenance Supervisor ,Aircraft Maintenance Technician , Aircraft Mechanic , Aircraft Restore Aircraft Technician , Aircraft and Powerplant Mechanic  A&P , Aviation Maintenance Technician , Aviation Mechanic


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Avionics Technicians , install , inspect , adjust , Or repair avionics equipment such as radar , radio , navigation